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Hell yeah I'm famous

and who are you again?

4/10/06 01:10 pm - *insert yawn*

Haven't updated in a while, which I assume you guys can tell without me saying anything but, I said it none the less.

I miss.......... I don't know, I guess hanging out with my friends. I need a raise or a higher paying job. I need my car not to be at Ruby Tuesday at Monument Rd. Oh yeah, I also realized I don't really like Coor's Light, not so good. I need to buy me some fucking shorts, I don't own one pair...... that's a crime

One of my friends had a baby, hehe, I haven't seen it yet but, I'm sure it's cute and fat.

I'm pimping out my room so it looks like I moved out, because, I can actually afford the real thing.


I love all my friends and we should hang out with our wangs out.


rock out with our cocks out.

2/17/06 09:29 am - That was amazing!! heheehe

Alright, I'm buying myself a pair of running shoes and I've narrowed it down to, two choices. So, tell me which one's you would pick because, it's hard picking out shoes for myself. That is all.


My darlin'

So................... Misty so wrote me a song for Valentines Day!!! Oh my god, that is the most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me. And it sounded amazing. I love my Misty, and I couldn't ask for a better person in my life. Misty Dawn Woodmansee I love you with all my heart and soul <3

2/14/06 01:14 pm




                                          19 years of amazing you   

2/14/06 12:59 pm

Happy Valentines Day

and I suck, and I'm sure everyone hates me but, I swear, I did have a nice romantic day and evening planned out.... but like always, people hate me, I fuck things up and.......... this is not turning out like I hoped for................ I blow

2/1/06 07:27 pm

i suck

1/13/06 01:13 am - There is tissue in your butt. hehe I love you anyways <3

I wonder sometimes, if I really am a strong person inside. I think I am but, then I look around and see other people I once had thought were strong and turns out, not so much. But, I need not question myself. This nigga knows for a fact, deep inside, I know it fo sho.


My two speeding tickets fucking suck, I'm basically working  just to pay that shit off. School is going alright, some girl in my class had a "train" ran on her. Yes, I mean "sex" train. Weird. Anywho, I can't wait to fucking get out of school. First I'll take a break for a month or so, enroll in some guitar class somewhere, and then get me a second job. Misty thinks we won't see eachother but, we will. I know it, it's just this nigga is thinking about the future, this nigga's got ambition and determination. More so than anyone could ever imagine.


I really need to get on that fucking tattoo thing. I really want one, I know what I want, I just don't know what I want it too look like..... scratch that, I just can't explain well enough and since I can't draw, It's hard to extract it from my mind. It's basically love written in spanish (that would be amor) and just fucking decorated but, that's what I can't explain too well. I don't want roses and shit like that, I want..... fucking.... I don't know, shit and stuff. whatever, I'll figure it out soon enough.


Misty's birthday is coming soon,  I need to get on that shit because, I'm going to buy her the most amazing fucking present e v  e r! NOt sure what's it going to be but, it'll be fucking whoa! I want to just skate around places. Like, instead of walking, I skate. And since I suck at doing tricks and shit I figure, skating around is the next best bet, plus it's really relaxing and fun to look at places you've never seen before


I want to play the guitar like I was the fucking king of that shit, I feel so left out, everyone has a talent. All I can say is I work hard...... that ain't right.

12/31/05 04:34 pm

Happy New Year



12/25/05 09:48 am






12/22/05 03:54 pm - Did you fart?

This morning Misty and I went to Tampa to pick up her "first" best friend ever!! Trisha. It didn't take that long or at least it didn't seem that long. Either way, we picked her up, met her grandmother and ate at the coolest McDonald's ever. (with cool checkered colors and a water fall)


The 20th was me and Mistys' 7 month!!! yee haw!!! I love her


Ashley and Lisa came over to Misty's last night and spidey attacked me while I was sleeping, it was cute but, I was tired so, all I said was " Wanna make out?" They left shortly after.


My friend Cari, most guys are assholes in my opinion or complete idiots but, all I can say is, don't fret. You'll find that one guy you're looking for and he'll mean the world to you. It just takes time. Either way, hugs, and I'll drop by your work one of these days to see what's up. Feel better


I'm going to work now,



12/7/05 04:19 am - fucking soft soft besos

I love my girl friend Misty


and it's 4:20


she makes me feel ........  I don't know,  complete

I wish I was sleeping next to her right now, she's warm.




alright sleep mode


oh yeah, the past month or so, I've been doing stuff and more stuff, and you guys rock

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